I started drawing and painting as a child and always knew I would be an artist.

My entrepreneurial career blossomed when I was fifteen after I sold my first pastel portrait for five dollars to another student in high school. I loved studying the face, which led me to drawing caricatures at parties and special events across Canada, including a summer in old Montreal. My first murals were on my bedroom walls as a teenager, and I have continued that fascination to paint large surfaces. I now have 24 murals to my credit.

Besides painting, I also organize special events and curate art exhibitions. One of the highlights of my career was to be invited by a New Zealand Arts Trust to share a studio with Maori carvers, followed by a solo show in a gallery.

A Vancouver newspaper once called me a "one woman cultural event."

I strive to make a difference in my work and in my community,
and live a life of joyful purpose in everything I do . . .


Miss Red
is my interpretation of a house that caught my eye in my neighbourhood. I wanted to capture the crisp red and white of the home, surrounded by the shrubs and trees. As I worked on this painting, the personality of the house began to emerge and the first House interpretation was born.

This unique style is more than a portrait of a home. It's a dramatic one-of-a-kind painting that keeps neighbours talking!

Miss Red was painted on 8" x10" illustration board in acrylics.


Do you LOVE your House?
I love to paint houses - in the artistic, classical sense of course!

This painting captures a moment of a cozy home with snow blanketing the ground.

Art like this is perfect for those moving to a new home or as a memory of a place they loved to live.

This painting is 8" x 10" in acrylics. I do commissions of many homes,
so please contact me if you have a special place you'd like immortalized.


Mini Portraits
are screaming colour fests rich with funk and vibration!

It's art that commands attention!

I love to draw and paint faces, and this takes me further in interpreting a feeling of someone's face.

I started drawing classical pastel portraits as a teenager and graduated to caricatures.

It is truly a fun experience for me as an artist to really jazz it up.

This painting is 6" x 6" in acrylic. Want a bigger rendition? I do murals too remember !!


The Queen of the Blossoms
was painted in honour of the cherry blossoms that bring magical delight to me in Vancouver.

Each spring I am again overwhelmed by the breathtaking spell they cast on the city.

24" x 30" in acrylics. SOLD to a California Collector.


Design, Illustration, & Cartoons

I've created many t-shirt designs, illustrations, and cartoons throughout my artistic life.

I like clean lines and humourous overtones. Laughter gets the point across, simplicity tells the story.

Whether it's a neighbourhood issue, a community event, or something for your company,
I will take an idea and fly it into a magical realm of creativity for you.


Colouring Books
I create unique colouring books about families like yours.

I can create a colouring book of where you live or work, or your community.

Simply supply me with photographs and I will take it from there.

You can't buy this in a store, but you can order it here.


- I created the The Face of Vancouver mural as a fundraising project for Covenant House Vancouver, Canada.

 Each of the 261 participants represents a financial contribution including 15 dogs and 6 cats.

I bagan painting on July 6th, 2005 and applied the final brushstroke on November 18th, 2005. In other words, it took 11 months over 3 years to complete it weather permitting! 

This is just one of many fundraising ideas that I have used with my artwork. I also paint live at special events ... fun and fast with an impact!

Check out the mural on You Tube soon ...

You can order my products including The Face of Vancouver design at www.cafepress.com/teresawaclawik

Contact me via email ... tw@teresawaclawik.com